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ISCAID aims to bring together, and support the needs of veterinarians, physicians, microbiologists and ecologists that share a common interest in the field of companion animal infectious diseases, including infectious diseases of dogs, cats, avian and exotic pets, and horses. Membership of ISCAID provides password access to a protected part of this site which includes research opportunities, opportunities to participate in multicenter studies, an image bank for that may be used for educational purposes, case examples, a discussion forum, a comprehensive set of links to other infectious disease websites, noteworthy publications and news items, and a calendar of relevant meetings.

This page includes a regularly updated list of published guidelines for health professionals relating to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of companion animal infectious diseases. Links are also provided to PubMed citations where available.


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Zoonoses and opportunistic infections

Equine strangles

Equine herpesvirus-1

Feline upper respiratory tract disease

Influenza virus infections

Feline infectious peritonitis

Gastrointestinal infections

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcal infections


Retroviral infections

Vector-borne infectious disease

Antimicrobial use



Transfusion medicine