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We’re excited to announce the line-up for the 2018 ISCAID/IFRRS Biennial Symposium in Portland, Oregon at the Embassy Suites Downtown. Registration is now live. Abstract submissions is now closed.



Sunday, September 30th

ISCAID & IFRRS Moderator Annette Litster (USA)

17.00-21.30 Registration
18.00-18.15 Welcome
18.15-19.00 Symposium opening keynote lecture: From animals to humans: what do genes tell us about fungal diseases? John Perfect (USA)
19.00-21.30 Welcome drinks & light buffet – please take this time to view the posters

Monday, October 1st

ISCAID & IFRRS Moderator Matthew Krecic

MON 1st Oct Postgraduate student (incl. resident) breakfast for postgraduates staying in Congress Hotel
8.30-8.45 Introductory remarks
8.45-9.30 Feline leukemia virus infection: New diagnostic perspectives. Melissa Beall (USA) & Julie Levy (USA)

ISCAID Moderator Matthew Krecic

IFRRS Moderator Sue VandeWoude

9.35-10.20 The story of two emerging fungal infections: Cryptococcus & Coccidioides ABSTRACT O-14 – Investigating the humoral immune response in cats exposed to feline leukaemia virus – Yasmin Parr
Emilio DeBess (USA) ABSTRACT O-15 – Prospective evaluation of feline leukemia virus status relative to first antigen screening test result – Julie Levy


10.45-11.05 ABSTRACT O-1 – C-reactive protein: therapeutic biomarker for canine aspiration pneumonia – Katrina Viviano ABSTRACT O-16 – Molecular prevalence of novel hepadnavirus in liver samples from cats in Australia and New Zealand – Bronte Hampson
11.10-11.55 An avirulent live vaccine to prevent coccidioidomycosis in dogs Lisa Epigenetics and CD8+ T cell dysfunction in FIV and SIV
Shubitz (USA) Jonathan Fogle (USA)
12.00-12.20 ABSTRACT O-2 – Heartworm among domestic dogs in Canada: temporal trend, spatial distribution and risk factors – Erin McGill ABSTRACT O-17 – Histone modulation blocks Treg-induced FOXP3 binding to the IL2 promoter of FIV-specific CD8+ T cells – Jonathan Fogle


ISCAID Moderator Robert Duquette

IFRRS Moderator Jonathan Fogle

14.00-14.20 ABSTRACT O-3 – Canine leptospirosis in the United States: use of PCR testing to unravel complex risk factors – Amanda Smith ABSTRACT O-18 – A comparison of early entry requirements in calicivirus isolates of differing pathogenicities – Imogen Herbert
14.20-14.40 ABSTRACT O-4 – Surveillance of antibiotic resistant urinary tract infections in dogs – Jennifer Granick ABSTRACT O-19 – An independent view at vaccine immunity in feline calicivirus infection – Andrea Spiri
14.40-15.25 Sporotrichosis in Brazil: a zoonotic threat Feline retroviral genomics in the next generation sequencing era
Luisa Miranda (Brazil) Sue VandeWoude (USA)


16.00-16.20 ABSTRACT O-5 – Acute phase proteins as prognostic markers and presence of coinfections in cats with sporotrichosis – Julia Frankenfeld ABSTRACT O-20 – Detection of mutated and non-mutated feline coronavirus in tissues and body fluids of cats with feline infectious peritonitis – Sandra Felten

ISCAID & IFRRS Moderator Colin Parrish

16.25-17.05 Parvoviruses in dogs, cats and wild carnivores: the current situation and an update on viral evolution and host range variation     Colin Parrish (USA)

Concluding remarks


Viewing of posters with authors

Tuesday, October 2nd

ISCAID & IFRRS Moderator Colin Parrish

CLINICIAN DAY Moderator Cynda Crawford

8.30-8.45 Introductory remarks Welcome & Registration
8.45-9.30 Viral oncogenesis, oncolysis, and oncotherapy The microbiome of “sterile” sites
Patricia Pesavento (USA) Leah Cohn (USA)
9.30-10.20 Feline gammaherpesvirus and hepadnavirus: candidate feline pathogens Clinical conundrums and controversies of FeLV testing
Jules Beatty (Aus) Matthew Krecic (USA)


11.00-11.40 Q fever: An Evidence-based Approach to Understanding the Transmission Cycle and Risks of Coxiella burnetii Infection in Companion Animals Canine Babesiosis: Still “Emerging”
Jacqui Norris (Aus) Adam Birkenheuer (USA)
11.40-12.20 Brucella canis testing of dogs—veterinary vigilance and human health implications     Matthew Krecic (USA) Bartonellosis: One health perspectives on an emerging zoonotic infectious disease     Edward Breitschwerdt (USA)


ISCAID & IFRRS Moderator Leah Cohn

CLINICIAN DAY Moderator Margaret Hosie

13.20-14.05 Next generation vaccines for Lyme disease and other tick-borne pathogens Demystifying the interpretation of antimicrobial susceptibility tests
Richard Marconi (USA) Mark Papich (USA)
14.10-14.40 ABSTRACT O-6 – Development of a diagnostic PCR assay for feline mycobacterial disease – Conor O’Halloran Bite-sized update: Not the eggs you want in the morning. What’s lurking in dog and cat stool in Oregon? Emilio DeBess (USA)
ABSTRACT O-7 – Circulating cytokine and chemokine concentrations as biomarkers of feline mycobacteriosis – Conor O’Halloran
14.45-15.15 ABSTRACT O-8 – A machine learning approach to enhancing feline infectious peritonitis diagnosis Dawn Dunbar Bite-sized update: Feline Cytauxzoonosis
ABSTRACT O-9 – Machine learning to predict multi-drug resistant bacterial infection status in dogs – Sondra Lavigne Adam Birkenheuer (USA)


15.00-15.30 ABSTRACT O-10 – Sampling method: the first obstacle in next generation sequencing studies in a veterinary hospital environment – Brandy Burgess Bite-sized update: Diagnosing FIP – from shoestring budget to ‘gold-standard’ Emi Barker (UK)
ABSTRACT O-11 – How long will my horse shed Salmonella? A preliminary evaluation – Brandy Burgess
16.15-17.00 Factors influencing antibiotic prescribing behaviour of veterinarians in Australia; comparative study of small companion animal, equine and livestock veterinarians             Jacqui Norris (Aus) CNS coccidioidomycosis 
Cody Alcott (USA)
17.05-17.50 FeLV Panel Discussion – Diagnostic Testing


Wednesday, October 3rd


Moderator Krystle Reagan

9.10-9.15 Introductory remarks
9.15-10.00 Keynote lecture: Morbilliviruses – much more than measles 
Paul Duprex (USA)

ISCAID Moderator Krystle Reagan

IFRRS Moderator Emi Barker

10.05-10.25 ABSTRACT O-12 – Relationship of immunological response to structural and functional parameters of recombinant OspA in Borrelia vaccines – Hervé Poulet ABSTRACT O-21 – Correlates of immunologic protection against feline enteric coronavirus infection – Samantha Evans
10.30-10.50 ABSTRACT O-13 – Antibody response to feline herpesvirus-1 vaccination in healthy adult cats – Michèle Bergmann ABSTRACT O-22 – Innate immune response mediator expression in mesenteric lymph nodes of cats with feline coronavirus infection – Alexandra Malbon


11.15-12.00 Off-target effects of vaccines: from in vitro demonstration to field application  Treatment with the neurotrophin ligand, LM11A-31, improves cognitive performance in FIV infected cats             Jonathan Fogle (USA)
Karelle DeLuca (USA)

ISCAID& IFRRS Moderator Krystle Reagan

12.05-12.50 Symposium closing keynote lecture: Influenza viruses in dogs: epidemic H3N2 and H3N8, and spillover infections from humans and swine.     Colin Parrish (USA)
12.30-14.00 PACKED LUNCH to take away at the end of the conference